How to: Unlock Youtube, Facebook, Google and other websites

How to Unblock a Site?”, “How can I Open Facebook at my Office?” and “How to open restricted sites?” these are some of the most asked questions from me. Today, in this post I am going to show you two simple methods to Unblock/open any website that is restricted by your Network Administrator, ISP or any sort of firewall installed in your Office, which will allow you enjoy fun of social networking sites on your work place.
In first methods, I will tell you about online web proxies which will allow you to access any restricted site in your area (A little bit risky method), and the second method is Using a VPN (which a thousand times secure then method 1)

Method1: By Using Online Web Proxies

What are online Proxy Websites?

Proxy sites are very popular for unlocking websites that are blocked by ISPs, or restricted in offices, schools, colleges or Universities. But this methods is a little bit risky too, because there are some websites that can disclose your personal Information, and some of them are also designed in such a way that they will capture each and every password that you’ll type, and also if you are going to use an online proxy site, then use it at your own risk. Almost all the Proxies that are available on Internet are served as Free (i.e without any cost) and usually many of them contain advertisements too. Here is a small list of some popular web proxies.


Method 2: By Using a VPN (Secure then Method 1):

What is VPN?

VPN means Virtual Private Network, Actually it is a remote-server that is used to connect to a Website securely. VPNs will encrypt your connection information keeping your connection encrypted and secure so that there will be a very few chances to get traced by ISP or website. There are both free and premium VPNs available on the internet, Here is a list of some free VPNs:

  1. CyberGhost VPN (Freeware, But only a few servers available for Freeware Users)
    Visit CyberGhost’s website
    *You need to Create a account
    * 1 account per PC
    * 1GB limit
  2. HotSpot Shield (Free, but too much Ads)
    * Visit Website
  3. OpenVpn
    Direct Download Link of V2.2.2
    Community Download Page
    * Need some Config Files

Note:- List of Online web proxies was Updated Recently. And we will periodically check each of them find that are working or not. Smile.
Note:- If you’re a Pakistani and want to Unlock youtube then “HotSpot Shield” is the best option for you.

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33 thoughts on “How to: Unlock Youtube, Facebook, Google and other websites

  1. Yes hotspot shield is also one of the best way software to unblock different proxies and to reach some restricted websites.But in my view there are many proxy websites which give you freedom for downloading a software like Unblock etc.

  2. agreed hotspot shield is definitely very best to unblock different proxies, by using this we can visit many restricted sites. but there are also so many websites to unblock these proxy sites like unblock youtube is a very good site to unblock youtube.

  3. But I have IDM and when I use unblock. Pk, I see the download option under the video and I use from last month, its working properly and you can also download any video


  4. hot spot sheild is good for using block websites. but it jam hardy pc. hanging the pc and pc performe very slowly by using hot spot sheild. i used by my self

  5. Nice post to Bypass a social site in a restricted area. this is a very relevant post to the modern internet technology because most of sites nowadays getting block

  6. Hey Sumeet , Thanks for mentioning 🙂 , that is our proxy server. One can unblock websites or watch youtube video's and also download them via IDM.


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