Google’s I am feeling lucky: 5 Funky Effects that you’ve never heard before.

Long time ago, I wrote about Google’s Hacker Language, which got a huge attention of readers,  This time, I am back with some more funny tricks about Google. How many times do you use Google’s I am feeling lucky button?

Maybe, Non of you.
So today, Mr.Mojo and I thought, why not to tell you about some great I am feeling lucky tricks which will make you a fan of it. But first, You have to disable Instant Search feature, which is enabled by default.

Disabling  Instant Search.

So, Are you interested in trying out these tricks and agree to disable Instant search (Don’t worry, you can enable it after trying these tricks). So here are the steps to disable Instant search.

  1. Open in your browser
  2. Click on Settings at the bottom of the page, and then click on Search Settings
  3. Under Google Instant predictions heading, click on “Never Show Instant Results
  4. Click on Save Button Ok,  So, we’re done now. Google Instant Results are disabled now.

I am felling lucky tricks.

So, Lets come back to I am feeling lucky tricks. Don’t just use these effects, but also try to search something with this effect.Here are they:

1. Google Gravity

Long time ago, An apple fell on head of Newton and he discovered gravity. But there isn’t any gravity in our online world. All of the images and texts are static. But what if there would be gravity present in Google?
Need answer, Then try “Google Gravity” in I am Feeling Lucky.

Google Gravity
Em, Don’t leave immediately after visiting Google Gravity, But also try to search something on Google Gravity. You’ll find results very interesting.

2. Google Sphere

What if there would be a spherical shape of Google and you can rotate it? Ever asked from yourself?
If No, Then you must try “Google Sphere” in I am feeling lucky.
 Google Sphere
Google Sphere is an Image search, And all the images that come as a search results also appears in form of Images. Try to search something on Google Images, Such as Mr.Bean, Troll, Grumpy Cat etc.

3. Google Mirror

How will Google look if you watch it in Mirror? Does it look pretty? Does it look ugly? Would you be able to read it?
However, You dont need to grab a mirror to watch all this. All you have to do is type “Google Mirror” and click on I am Feeling Lucky.
Google Mirror
On searching, Google Mirror displays all results with Mirror effect, However, there is a big ad that annoys its users too much.

4. Google Rainbow

Ah, Colorful Rainbows, Who don’t like them, But what if there would be a rainbow present at above Google’s logo? And how will Google look if all the text that you browser contains “Rainbow Colors”?
If you want to know, Then try “Google Rainbow” in I am feeling Lucky.
Google Rainbow
Google Rainbow is basically for Kids, because they love colors, Google Rainbow doesn’t effect search results, and they come as it is (Without Color)


Not Google
Ah, Last Thing, Not Google…. What does it do? Well, That is a surprise, If you want to know it, then query anything after visiting NotGoogle Page. You can visit not-google by typing “Not Google” on Google Homepage and then click on I am feeling lucky button.

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8 thoughts on “Google’s I am feeling lucky: 5 Funky Effects that you’ve never heard before.

  1. hello sumeet. these are quiet interesting especially google gravity. this made me remind of google game in their search engine. i just forgot the name of it. when you type some words in the search engine, zeros will come out and cover the entire page… anyone who remember it?

  2. Dear Nwosu Mavtrevor,

    These effects aren't created by Google, Infact, These effects are created by Individuals around the world. And this is the beauty of I AM FEELING LUCKY BUTTON, that it takes users direct to an outer website without notifying them

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