Growth of Sales in Smartphones on global level [Infographic]

Today, Almost everybody around us own a Smartphone.  And sales and demand of smart phones is increasing day by day.
Since the release of Android and iOS, the growth of sales in smart phones tremendously increased. Even kids today want a smartphone for their personal use.
Owning a Beautiful and expensive smartphone has  also became a fashion in teenagers and adults.

Our friend Earl Ray on Coupon Audit (Zappos promo code) created a wonderful infographic with title “Global Smartphone Sales Figures Show Huge Growth” to reprent the change in sales of smartphones, and how smartphone growth had increased in previous few years.
Global Smartphone Sales Figures Show Huge Growth

PS) Our friend Earl Ray has also created a HTML Code, So if you want to put this infographic on your blog or website, then you can simply copy/paste this code.

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