4 Things that every tablet user must try

PC Tablet Tablet can be a great companion for you as these days people find it more convenient to carry them, than any other gadget. The major advantage of tablets is that it is that it can be help you in playing games, watching movies, reading e-books and e-papers, listening music etc. There are numerous things that you can do with the help of the tablets and you can really explore what are actually the things that you can do with the tablet. Here are the four things that i think every tablet user must try.

1. Retro Games

Remember that games based on Ms Dos that we used to play in olden days. If you you are using windows or android operating system there is a chance for you to make use of the app called Dosbox that can help you in running those older programs.  This app can help you in playing the games that were used in the olden days and which made ran on DOS (Disk operating system). This can help in stimulating the video games that are there on the computer. This  app is pretty new in the app market. Android version that is available with the app can help in the emulation of keyboard, mouse, other peripherals and joystick.


2.Accessing the PC Remotely

Team viewer is the utility that is available for sharing the utility of desktop that help you in remote-accessing the computer.  It is available for iOS, Windows 8 and Android. This tool lacks features as compared to the PC version. But still, there are many amazing features that are associated with Team viewer. If you are interested in multi-tasking and usually switch from one computer to another then you could make use of team-viewer for keeping eye on everything. And if you are a multi-screen user, then there are many more softwares that you would like to use with teamviewer such as air display, screen slider, splash top Display etc.


3.Making Free Calls

There isn;t any app available for windows 8 and android tablet users. But there are many apps available for iOS to make free calls. However, There is a possibility for you, that you can use skype for chatting with your loved ones, which is available for all operating systems,  and whatsmore? and you can talk with more than 12 friends at the same time.
The android tablet cases are available for your tablets so that you can protect your tablet from damages in bad manners.

4.Streaming Live TV and Reading

There are various apps that can help you in watching the TV.  TVcatchup is an application that is available for tablets with various operating systems.
You can also make use of various other applications that can help you watch TV and read various books without any charges. Not only this, there are many e-readers available which allow you to download and read e-books for free, Such as MoonReader app does. And There is a possibility you may also want to read newspaper online because many news-papers of Pakistan also publish a e-version which is available free.

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