Android Apps: 6 Essential apps that every android user should have

Apps Apps and Apps!! There are millions of apps on the Google Play Store, making it a giant jungle, where it is difficult to find perfect applications for your Smartphone.

Currently, There are millions of smartphone users in the world and all of them have a different taste, Apps liked by one are disliked by another, But some apps are essential and are required for everyone, So today, here on technostriker, I am posting about 6 must-have-to android apps that almost every user will need.

1. Applock

Smartphones are meant to be personal, But when you handover your phone to someone else for a phone call, game or something else, then there is a risk that he/she may violate your privacy and check your photos/sms/gallery apps etc.
However, You can minimize this risk a little bit,by installing a tiny app named Applock. With this app you can lock your SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, and whatever that you want. You can also password protect your pictures and videos. With applock, you can be worry-free about your privacy

2. Avast Anti-theft

Maybe, This app isn’t much helpful in getting your stolen phone back but Installing it in your phone is the best idea, because it can help you to find your phone if you lost it at a friend’s place, nearest shopping mart, or somewhere else.
Avast can help you to Locate & Track your ‘lost’ phone on a map through GPS and wifi. It also enables you to control your phone remotely VIA sms and online Avast Account.
Not only this, you can also lock/wipe your phone and storage remotely to keep your private data safe. Hence, It ranks 2nd in our 6 Android Essential Apps.

3. Life Reminders

Use LifeReminder App to remind yourself about busy and must-do tasks of life, Weather it is taking medicines, or driving back your kids from school, Life-Reminders is an easy to use app that reminds you about particular daily life events.
If you have an important SMS or Email on a particular time, or want to call someone on specific time, then this app can also do this for you.
For a multi-tasker, who want to accomplish more and more in limited time, without missing any of your regular activity, then this is a must have to app for him.

4. Pocket

Got an urgent call while reading an online article or while watching an video, or have some articles/videos/presentations to watch/read later, then you can use this app to do so.
With Pocket app, You can save articles, news stories, blog posts, videos, recipes, and any web links that you find online or from your favorite apps.
Even more interesting thing is that Pocket also works offline. Which means that you can access links and articles you’ve saved even without an Internet connection.

5. Hotspot Shield

Encryption of data on public hotspots is necessary for everyone’s privacy and security, And hotspot shield is best in doing that.
There is a famous one-line joke for mobile users that you may have heard:

“Home is where wifi connects automatically”

Which reminds me that almost every mobile user is looking for free public wifi hotspots. However, These are the places where Hackers are looking for their prey. Once user connects to public wifi, and login to their account or sends sensitive data, and Hackers start to steal their data. Hence, It is essential for them to encrypt all the data and Information that they sent over public wifi, And HotSpot Shield is all about it.

6. MXPlayer

MX player gives you freedom to play all kind of video formats on your mobile device.
Got an MMS from your Boss regarding tomorrow’s presentation or downloaded a film from torrent which your default video player doesn’t support. MXPlayer can be helpful in this situation. With MXPlayer you can play all kind of video formats, even videos with dual-audio, subtitles and much more. MXPlayer also has an screen-lock, so that no-touch can disturb your video.

Phew, That’s all about our six essential apps. If you liked this, then kindly share it with your friends and family, Because we are writing it all just for you, OUR READERS Open-mouthed smile

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*All application images VIA Google Play Store and Main Image VIA Intellisense.

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