Review: WonderShare Video Converter Ultimate– A fabulous, Fast and easy to use converter

WonderShare Video_Converter UltimateDownloading a video on your PC, and then playing it on different devices isn’t a easy task. You have to convert it again and again for each device. By the way, When did you converted a video last time? How fast was your converter? Did you tried any alternative? If no, Then you must try WonderShare Video Converter Ultimate.
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is has a nice, clean and beautiful interface with lots of built-in features. While Video converting is its main function, It also have may other eye-caching built-in features too. Such as Video Editing, Video Downloading and DVD Burning and Wireless Video Sharing. Here is a review of Its features.

Video Converting.

The first thing that is amazing about this product is its support for different file types. Its current version supports 157+ formats. They have also categorized their filetypes/formats according to devices, which means that if you don’t know which format/filetype to is best for your device, then you can select your mobile/psp/device from  “Device” Tab and it will automatically select supported filetype. You don’t have to worry about it.
It aslo have a favourite tab, where you can select and place your most commonly used filetype/device/format. You can also merge all videos in one file.

What’s more, You can also convert a DVD to a specific format directly from it. It also supports DVD burning too. And according to their website, It is 30X faster then other converters available in the market.

Video Downloading and Editing

Video editing comes handy when you want to trim, crop, or adjust your video. You can also add watermark your video and add subtitles in it, Rotate your videos horizontally and vertically. It has built in effects too such as converting your video to grayscale etc and you can also change its brightness, volume and contrast. Professionals and elite users can also use this feature to edit metadata of their video.
With editing, it also supports video downloading, which means you can download various videos from your favorite sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion etc. However, Its trial version only supports 10 downloads. After that, You have to buy it if you want to download more. We have checked its video downloader plugin on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Wireless transfer of Videos on your Apple and Android devices.

You can also transfer your videos wirelessly to your device after converting them. But to do that, you have to install wondershare player on your device.VideoTransfer
Just after converting your videos, It gives you an option for transferring your videos to your drive wirelessly. It provides you a QR code that you have to scan on your device to start wireless transfer.


The Good:

  • Supports 157+ formats
  • Video Editing
  • Wireless transfer
  • One Click Video Download
  • Meta Data Editing (For Advanced Users Only)

The Bad:

  • Video Download may interrupt sometimes.
  • Sometimes, Extension notification appears even after enabling it.
  • WonderShare Watermark on Videos in Trail Version.


WonderShare Video Converter

My Rating: 9 out of 10

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