Some Best Windows Themes For Animal Lovers That Everybody Wants

PC Users want customize its device in its own style, by giving it a beautiful look,appearance, and a unique persona that makes it look more beautiful, passionate, and amazing. So, When it comes to themes, Why to keep yourself behind. Here on TechnoStriker, We have provided some cool and best themes for animal lovers that you may want to try.
And even if you aren’t a animal lover, A recent research suggests that keeping animal wallpapers boosts your productivity. So even if you don’t like to have pet, It is still beneficial for you to have a animal theme on your desktop.

Don’t know what a theme is? Here is a short intro to themes.
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Q1. What is a theme?

Here is a answer from Microsoft that I’ve edited a little bit:

A theme is a combination of pictures, colors, and sounds on your computer. It includes a desktop background, a screen saver, colors, and sounds etc.

Q2.  How can we install a theme?

Ans: Well theme files (Windows 7) and above and bundled in a .themepack file. Just download it and double-click on it to install it. And then enjoy the new theme.

Q3. Is it safe to use a theme?

Ans: Yes!! It is safe to install new themes! but only from trusted platforms and sites. Here, On TechnoStriker, we check each and every theme to make sure it is virus-free.

Q4.  Does a theme has any negative effect on your computer’s performance?

Ans: No, Usually themes don’t have a negative effect on your computer’s performance, until or unless you use an older (e.g Pentium 4) computer.

Some best and Awesome Windows 7 Themes for Animal Lovers.

So, Here is a list of Best and Awesome Windows 7 Themes for animal lovers. Try all of them and see which suits best on your personality.

1. Animal Affection

Animal Affection theme contains some of the best wallpapers which include goldfishes, humming birds, cats etc.  It contains 14 wallpapers and its size is 12.3 MiB.


2. Dogs In Winter

A bunch of playful cutes, that will bring smile on your face. This themepack contains 10 wallpapers and its size is 5.8 MiB

3. Cats EveryWhere theme

Cat lovers will find this theme very interesting. In this themes, You’ll see cats in some amazing and interesting places. This theme contains 10 images and its size is 5.4 MiB.

4. A Rainbow of Birds Theme

From sparrow to parrots, This theme contains a number of wallpapers for those who love birds. This theme contains 12 wallpapers and size of this theme is 11.2 MiB.

5. Foxes

Capture theses beautiful and clever foxes and put them on your desktop. Size of this theme is 8.9 MiB and there are 11 Wallpapers in this theme.

6. Butterflies

Add the colors of butterflies and beautify your desktop. This amazing theme contains 13 images and its size is 12.9 MiB.

7. Snakes

The dangerous beauty of Snakes, that no one can resists, can be on your desktop.  In this theme, there are 13 images and its size is 11.9 MiB.

8. Wild Wolves

See the wolves at play and on the hunt, their muscles taut and their fiercely shining eyes ever-alert for prey. This theme contains 11 wonderful images with a size of 8.2 MiB.

9. Dolphins

Put a group of dolphins enjoying on water to background to get a effective veiw. It contains 8 Wallpapers and its size is 12.3 MiB and is also bundled with custom sounds.

10. Horses

From Back to Brown, this theme contains all the images that a horse lover needs. Its size is 10.9 MiB and it contains 10 Wallpapers.

11. Jellyfish Theme.

From glowing soft white to cute pink, these jellyfish themes are filled with excitement and freshness, with 8 Wallpapers and 6.3 MiB of size.

Phew, That’s all, We tried number of theme from Microsoft store, to check there size and find the best one’s for you. If you found this article useful, liked any of our themes, and enjoyed it, Then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family on Facebook. We don’t earn anything from this blog and your support is the only earning for us. And if there is something, in which you need help or Guideline, then don’t forget to tell us.

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