Block All Those Annoying Candy Crush Notifications With this One Simple Trick

Candy Crush Meme
Social Networking sites Like facebook provide a number of things and activities for entertainment. Funny pictures,  videos, games and a number of apps are being used by million of users everyday. And sharing them with peers make that more enjoyable. But oversharing can be awkward and annoying sometimes. The annoying *beep* sound and there notifications on screen can cause too much irritation for the users. Now-a-days, Requests and invitations of candy crush saga is a good example.

How to disable invitations of candy crush saga?

Here is a simple trick, by using this you can actually disable that annoying notifications of candy crush saga.
Step 1: Wait for someone to send you a candy crush invitation.
Step 2: When Notification arrives, Open the notification bar.CandyCrush-TechnoStriker

Step 3: Hover the cursor on the right side of the image. You’ll see an “x” icon there. Click on it.

Step 4: Now, Click on “Turn Off” button after that.

Main Image VIA Meme Creator

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