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Online Learning 
Internet is now completely changing the way we live. It has completely revolutionized our everyday activities.  From earning to learning, everything is changed. Now, Thanks to internet, Most of the people are looking towards internet for home based earning. Today, Nobody wants to waste their money by getting tuition, instead they turn online to revise what they have learnt. Not only this, Now a days, there are a lot of websites that promote learning, By providing you a number of courses, called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) from many prestigious universities.
 Soon, We will have a future, when, nobody has to go to highly expensive colleges and universities to earn their degrees and instead, they will turn towards a cheap option of Online Learning.

Below are some precious sites, that will take you to an adventurous journey of online learning.

1. EDx

Homepage: http://www.edx.org
EDx is an open-sources and non-profit platform to give you online learning experience for free. EDx was created by MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Havard University in May 2012 and currently EDx has has provided more then 300 courses to their 3 Million+ users.  Currently EDx offers two types of certificates to its users, One is Free Honor Code Certificate, to show you accomplishment to everyone and other is verified certificate which is a little bit costly but it will help to boost your skills in your resume.

Most noticeable and famous courses of EDx include CS50: Introduction to Computer Science, Introduction to Linux, and The Science of Hapiness

2. Coursera

Homepage: http://www.coursera.org
Coursera is another online learning platform which provides you free online courses (Formerly MOOCs) but unlike EDx, it is a for profit platform. Like Edx, Coursera also provide both free certificates (that are called Statement of Accomplishments) and verified certificates (By taking some money) of there coursers. But there are a some courses that only provides you the verified certificates. So if you are taking a course, specifically for certificate, then make sure that you check course’s FAQ.

Some of the courses that I love on Coursera are Social Psychology, Dino 101, and How Things Work.

3. Iversity

Homepage: https://iversity.org/
Iversity is a new MOOC provider, based on Europe. Iversity has a mission to provide cheap education to everyone anywhere in the world, which can be easily determined by their slogan “study anywhere”.  Iversity was recently created but there users have been increased exponentially.  Take a course from Iversity and experience it by yourself.

Most noticeable courses of Iversity are Public Speaking, Architecture 101, From International Relations to Global Politics and Spanish for Beginners.

4. Open2Study

Homepage: http://www.open2study.comOpen2Study
Open2study is an open collaboration and study platform created by Open University Australia. Open2Study offers a number of courses in the field of Online Advertisement, Healthcare, Management Sciences, Finance and  Arts.

Some of the courses that you may want to take are: The Art of Photography, User Experience for Web and Understanding the Origins of Crime.

5. NovoED

Homepage: https://novoed.com
NovoED, another platform for online learning, which is a bit unique from others. Inside each course in NovoED, users are assigned to unique groups and their performance is measured in both ways, as an individual as well as an active team member. NovoED gives users an unique experience of collective learning and is definitely best for those who get most out of collective environments. NovoED provides both, Free, as well as paid courses.

Some noticeable courses of NovoEd are Creativity: Music to my ears, Mini MBA: Unlocking the Secrets of the Ivory Tower and Lean for social change.

Phew Tough work, That’s all for now, But this is only the Part-1 of our ONLINE LEARNING SITES. We are continiously looking for other sites that provide you access to education, courses and other learning material. If there is a site that you want to add in our post then don’t forget to tell us in comments.

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