Free Giveaways, Websites Where You Can Find Premium Softwares For Free (Legally)

Do you have a passion for trying out new softwares, checking new stuff on web and you surf hours & hours on internet just to search for “giveaways” and “free premium softwares”. Have a passion to be a beta-tester? OR tired of using free softwares just because you can’t buy premium ones?, If yes, Then all these sites are just for you. b All these websites will provide you premium softwares for free, and yes! they will be legal too.  And the Today, On TechnoStriker, We are providing you a number for free site to get premium softwares for free. Then, What are you waiting for, GO and check the whole list of free giveaway sites.

Windows Deal Giveaway


Window deal, A website that not only provides you free giveaways but also coupon codes for getting a number softwares on discount. usually, There are more then 1 giveaways running on this site.  With free giveaways, You can find numerous deals for softwares for getting what you want, at lowest price.

Shareware On Sale

Shareware on sale is another site on internet that provides you premium softwares for free.  And yet! This is my Favorite  site. I have tried almost all softwares that they have given on Giveaways. I love this site. And yes!! With giveaways, They also provide you discounts on many softwares. Some of the famous softwares that they have recently given as giveaway include AVG Internet Security 2015, BitDefender Internet Security 2015 etc. However, This site requires you to give your email to them.

Giveaway Of The Day


Giveaway of the day is most popular and the most old site for giveaways, And once there was a time when i used to visit this site daily. This sites gives you a premium software of free, on daily basis. And you have to use and activate that software within that day.

BitsDu Jour Daily Giveaway


Yet another giveaway site. I am sorry,I haven’t checked this site but surely, you should check it.

Softpedia Giveaways


Well, On Softpedia, They will provide you some contests in which you have to try and  then comment about that softwares. And Then, They will choose some of the best commenter’s as Giveaway Winners. I’ve won many softwares of Softpedia . Internet Download Manager, ESET Smart Security and Download Accelerator Plus are some of them. Giveaway


They mostly offer games and their giveaways are like lucky draws. To enter in giveaway, You have to get registered on their forum, post on some threads, And then apply for giveaway. And They’ll choose someone from participants as winner, randomly. If you think that your luck is too good, then don’t forget to participate in this giveaways. And yet! There are are many tricks that you can use on this site, such as registering multiple accounts in order to get giveaway. After all, You’re a wise person, and wise person should always know how to bend the rules 😉 .

For Now, That’s it. For feeding you knowledge and your computer’s memory. If we forgot a site that you would like to add, then you can always notify us in comments.

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