About Us

About This Blog:

TechnoStriker Is a Blog which is created to discuss all things related to computers, Internet, Computer Security and Technology.

This blog was initially started as “Tech-Striker” in March 2011 with a free blogspot subdomain. I created it just for fun and as a hobby. Initially, when I created it, I knew nothing about blogging and SEO. I blogged for fun only and most of my content was copied. Soon after creating my blog, I met some other bloggers around the glove and then I joined some blogger communities too, where i learned alot about blogging and SEO, and this is how the Journey of TechnoStriker starts.

While living in touch with blogger communities, i not just learned about SEO, but I also learned a lot about Internet Marketing, Using social-networking sites to promote your stuff, online earning, PTC, Ad-Networks, MOOCs etc. There I learned how to use internet correctly and how to get benefit from it.

In July 2012, We renamed “Tech-Striker” to “TechnoStriker” and registered our first domain “TechnoStriker.com”, and then we removed alot of paid and old content from our blog to make it pure. At that time, there were more then 100 Posts, but after removing that content, we had only 17 posts left.

About the Author:

My name is  Sumeet Kumar  and I am author of this blog, I am a full time student and a part time blogger who is interested in tweaking, explore new stuff, softwares and games etc. Although I am not a full-time blogger, but on TechnoStriker, I’ll try my best to provide people a place where they can share their experience in computing, discuss their problems, share new softwares, websites and tips and tricks.

Currently, I am a doing my Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering from Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering, and Management Sciences, Quetta (Pakistan), And have a hope to promote my country in the field of IT.

If you have some Questions, Comments and Suggestions, Then you can also use our Contact from to Contact us.